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    I am Santosh.We are using Type-4 driver for oracle.Is there any type -4 driver for Ms-access?Can any body reply which is the best driver and why

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        I am not sure why you want to go for Type 4 drivers for MS Access(
    Generally used for Development). If you use type 1 then down the line if you are going for some authentic RDBMS, you will not have much of the problem in switching to it.

    any how, you will get MS SQL and MS Access type 4 drives on this site.


    Brief information of JTurbo is pasted below,

    JTurbo® is a world-class, 100% standards compliant Type 4 JDBC driver for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server. Developed completely in Java to achieve platform independence and eliminate deployment administration issues, JTurbo implements the latest JDBC Specifications for full compatibility with J2EE 1.3 compliant applications. This combination of features, performance, reliability, and value is unmatched by any product in its class.

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    you can get the information you are looking out for here

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         This site is a beauty, have put it in my fav. list :)
    Great find

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    Thank you for your information.Can you please give me the link for the core design patterns related to java technologies
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       If you want EJB design patterns then you can download the book from this site itself from Books and Articles section.

       I have some power point presentation and few detail pattern files but I will need to send them to you through mail.

       If you are interesed put in your mail id in response to this message. Later I will mark it as a noisy remark so unwanted views will not see the mail id.