Code Futures Launch FireStorm™ DAO Code Generator for Java


News: Code Futures Launch FireStorm™ DAO Code Generator for Java

  1. Code Futures has announced the initial release of FireStorm, a code generation product for Java and J2EE developers.

    “FireStorm removes the need to write repetitive data-access code and frees developers up to concentrate on the more creative aspects of their application”, according to Andy Grove, Founder and CEO of Code Futures. “FireStorm also offers a strategic approach for architects by abstracting away from underlying persistence frameworks and offering the choice of JDBC, EJB 1.1 or EJB 2.0 implementations, through a common interface based on the Data Access Object (DAO) design pattern.”

    Typical Java applications can contain thousands of lines of data-access code which are time-consuming to write, and prone to errors and inconsistencies when hand-written. FireStorm generates this code automatically based on meta-data reverse-engineered from a database. The generated code is well structured, documented, and easy to understand. FireStorm also generates J2EE deployment descriptors, Ant build scripts, and Struts web applications for immediate testing of the DAO tier.

    More information about FireStorm is available from:

    Press release:

    More Info
    FireStorm is available for download with immediate effect from 2nd June and is priced at $195 per developer. Source code generated by FireStorm is entirely standards-based and can be distributed royalty-free. There are no runtime fees associated with the generated code.


    * Database meta-data can be extracted from any JDBC compliant database
    * All meta-data is stored in an open XML format
    * Generated code is standards-based and royalty-free
    * Generated Struts web application allows immediate testing of the DAO tier
    * Support for IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic platforms
    * Support for Oracle 8i and 9i databases

    A follow-on 1.1 release will be available in July with the ability to generate DAO code for stored procedures and custom SQL statements. The 1.1 release will also add full support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  2. congratulations[ Go to top ]

    well done, Andy!
  3. I tried down loading and running firestrom. I configured JDBC Driver and than clicked validate Driver setup ( as i wanted to pull some tables from data base and create and see DAO) but it gives me error message
    " ERROR : oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver "
    Which doen't provide any meaning full error info. or any help on this .

  4. It is a classpath problem[ Go to top ]


    The problem you have is that your classpath is not correctly defined. You are right that the error message is not great - it has now been improved for the next release.

    For more detail, please take a look at the FAQ: