Hi all,
 based on what i have read in chapters of JMX in Action available in this site, i have written a tool that, given an XML representing a mbean with its attributes and operations, will generate 80% of the code of a dynamic mbean (code left out is the actual implementation of operations).
i based my tool on the DynamicMBean support class available at chapter 5 of JMX in Action, and i would like to distribute freely my code - lot of space for improvements -.
But, i am the author of the tool, but NOT the author of the DynamicMBeanSupport class on which my tool is based. so i need to contact the author of the book, to eventually send the code so that if he wants it can be part of the whole book.
but his address (manningJMX at hotmail dot com) does not work.. can anyone give me his contact info (mail is enough) so that i can contact him?
thanx and regards
PS u can contact me at marco dot mistroni at nokia dot com and i haven't written the code for nokia...