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    in a j2ee cluster, we dont store binary files, e.g. photos, in db. so the HA of file server is a problem. does someone can give me some suggestion? thank u.

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    Assuming you want more than simple single-server disk mirroring, the easiest way is to set up two file servers (each with RAID1 disks). Then use OS-level disk replication (google for "disk server mirroring failover" or something like that). Or for a more Java-centric approach, you can use Coherence and implement a simple HA Crud interface (mirror on "put", read on "get" and failover if get fails). For extra fault tolerance, calculate and store (in the db) a per-file checksum to ensure that there are no undetected "page tears" or corruption in the file in the event of a server failure.

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