expert's advise: share EJB components and business logic


General J2EE: expert's advise: share EJB components and business logic

  1. Hi all,

    I've a J2EE applicacion and I want to know if is posible share my ejb business logic with other components in other enviroments and differents programming languages.

    for example, I show you my scenario...

    I've a J2EE application that will be run in a WebSphere server (running over windows) for my JSP cliente side(you know... the web browser), all is ok!!! but my application need also receive request from remote clients (components from other business applications) that may be compiled in .net (over windows) or c++ (over AS400 or linux) and send the response to the respective client.

    my question is if is posible, which can be the protocols or java technologies that i will need to use for implements some like this.

    thanks for your answer...
  2. David:

        When you are in java you are able to get ejb connections but problem is when the language changes.

        By defalult all J2EE compoenents which can be called from Remote and throw RemoteException are RMI-IIOP enabled. if your called module can make a call from corba interface then all remote enabled java components can be called. yes I agree that itz not simple and straight even though u call it through corba, but orbix is pretty good at doing this, and might help you solve the problem

  3. consider using SOAP, or Messaging Middleware.