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    I'm looking for a Struts vs. JATO review/anlysis and I haven't been able to find much with google.

    I have been using Struts for a while now but I'm new to JATO. At first glance they seem very similar, however some say JATO is superior, provides more components etc. From what I can tell, JATO's popularity is nowhere near that of Struts, so I guess there must be a good reason for that (aside from the fact that everybody loves Apache).

    If you have a review/comparison of the two, please point me to it, or if you have used both, please share your opinions on their similarities and differences with me.
    Thank you!

    Radu A. Buzila
  2. Does JATO allows configuration table driven configuration or is same as XML in Struts ?

    Also did anybody use realmethods Presentation Layer framework ? If possible please include realmethods frameworks in comparison to other frameworks.