Java framework wish list ? Is Struts recommended ?


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  1. Hi.

    Our company is building a Java framework that we can use for many of our web applications. There has been some debate about whether or not to use Struts for the presentation layer. Is there a better option ?
    What other capabilities, features should be in our framework ?
    I know that the Apache group offers many components that could be part of a framework (eg. Jakarta Struts).
    If you could put together a wish list for a framework what would it be (we don't want to reinvent the wheel so please point out framework components that are already built and can be downloaded).

    Any comments are appreciated.



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  2. Struts[ Go to top ]

    I've used Struts with Tiles before. It works well.
  3. WebWork[ Go to top ]

    Struts certainly has the mindshare. But, after working with Struts, I've been particularly impressed with WebWork. The upcoming 2.0 release is one of the cleaneast MVC implementations around.

    If you haven't committed to a web framework yet, I recommend at least giving WebWork a look.