JPlates 2.1 is available - a great alternative to JSP


Industry news: JPlates 2.1 is available - a great alternative to JSP

  1. I know you're all busy with your current projects,
    but maybe the next one will be much easier if you
    use JPlates.

    JPlates 2.1 is now available for licensed use and
    evaluation. JPlates is a fully object-oriented
    template-processing system that combines many of
    the best features of Java with great template
    processing features to create a terrific alternate
    to JSP. JPlates works great with Struts and you
    can replace your JSPs one at a time.

    JPlates generates true JVM classes that are
    seamlessly compatible with Java, and every JPlates
    method is an executable template. What that means
    is that you can build your MVC views using objects
    and classes and methods (and not includes), just
    like you build everything else.

    Take a look at, and please
    follow the link on the left side to the note about
    JSP scriptlets.

    Thanks for reading,
    Dan Jacobs
    Founder, JPlates Inc.
  2. Hi,

      Few days back i have seen this post and as u mentioned we all are busy so couldnot get time to go through the docs of Jplates.Anyway I have started doing some R&D on the available server-side framework and i have just got the overview of the jakarta framework like Struts,Tapestry,velocity,Turbine ....
     How JPlates are giving more features than the already existing frameworks , i have been highly impressed by the concept of Tapestry Framework .I still have to understand it in depth.