[ANN] Bambookit GUI 2.0.3 released


Industry news: [ANN] Bambookit GUI 2.0.3 released

  1. [ANN] Bambookit GUI 2.0.3 released (1 messages)

    Bambookit GUI is a completely XML scriptable user interface to build real-time interactive web application front-ends. It is portable across multiple platforms and devices. Due to its XML nature Bambookit GUI is compatible with any existing infrastructure environments (.NET, J2EE, PHP)

    All the layout and event handling routines is managed within the XML scripts. Bambookit GUI sits on top of Personal Java. Bambookit is extremely lightweight occupying only 105Kb (jar file).

    Users can create Windows, resizable containers, scroll and sort tables, lists, tree, enable real-time data display, advanced layout manager and much more.

    The latest update now includes support for Animation scripts. To see some sample scripts demoed go to www.bambookit.com/_demo.html

    For more info, please visit, www.bambookit.com

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at louai at bambookit dot com.

    - Lou
    Louai Munajim
    Architecture and Development
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