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    Hi all,

    Does any body know how to redeploy a web application in weblogic without restarting the server?

    I have my application in the exploded file format...

    I am using weblogic 8.1 and i want to know whether there is any Hot Deployment feature in 8.1.

    I've gone thru the weblogic 7.0 documentation. It says that the server automatically reloads all the files every x secs, which we can specify in the console.

    but doing so doesn't reflect my changes......

    is there any other way? (i've tried touching the REDEPLOY file too)..

    the server automatically recompiles the JSP pages. that is ok. but if i need my modified ejb/servlet classes to be deployed while the server is running what is the method to do it?

    when i do undeploy/deploy thru the console....the server throws some exceptions when i access the files...

    I am running the server in deveopment mode....


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    Weblogic supports hot deployment and using admin console you can turn that on or off, so when you modify your application it redeploy that and in case of JSP it compiles and redploy in the server.
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    Does this mean that Weblogic recognizes the changes even if the WAR file (with the modified JSPs) are part of an EAR file ?? I am trying to deploy an EAR file but this automatic detection of modified JSPs does not seem to be happening for me...

    Where do we turn on this feature on the weblogic console ? Pls let me know.