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    Hello guys,

    I am using Eclipse 2.1 for my development where I have multiple
    projects. I have an ANT script to build and deploy the application to
    Weblogic 7.0. The problem however is that when I do any changes to
    JSPs, I need to re-build, deploy and restart Weblogic to see my
    changes reflected....Restarting weblogic every time I change my JSPs
    is becoming a pain as it takes about 3-4 minutes everytime...

    Using WSAD was really easy as the Websphere Test Environment was
    recompiling any modified JSPs while the WTE was up - no need of
    restarting if I just change JSPs....

    If anyone has faced a similar problem, please let me know how to go
    about solving it....


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    Have you triedusing hot deployment for your development?
    THe moment you place the modified war file in the hot deployment directory of weblogic, it redeploys your app. It's perfect for development and testing EJBs.

    - Ruben
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    I don't remember exactly how but there is an ant task for weblogic that you can use to auto-redploy jsp without restarting your server. It sorta refreshes it for you. Check out the documentation for weblogic.