IBM Posts New SPECjAppServer2002 MultiNode Result


News: IBM Posts New SPECjAppServer2002 MultiNode Result

  1. IBM has posted a new SPECjAppServer2002 result in the MultiNode category. The configuration runs: WebSphere 5.0.1 and DB2 on IBM eServer xSeries 360 machines.

    The 4 application server nodes ran with 2.8Ghz Intel Neon MP processors, and 3 GB RAM.

    The TOPS recorded was 448.12 (compared to 1753 and 2238 on WLS 8.1 configs), and the US$/TOPS was 647.52. The $/TOPS is 43-60% of the other entries. So, although the TOPS was low, the system was a lot cheaper.

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  2. Not bad[ Go to top ]

    - Would love to see those "Neon MP" Processors. Green must be quite stylish.
      Xeons aren't cool anyway.
    - Everything running on Win 2000? This seems remarkable. What about Linux,
      Big Blue??
  3. Not bad[ Go to top ]

    Agreed. The TOPS are what... roughly 1/5 of Weblogic 8.1 on HP?

    It's the classic debate between the power (and dare I say, stability) of BEA's more expensive configuration, versus the weaker yet cheaper commodity hardware and software in IBM's configuration.

    Of course, with J2EE, we are spoiled in that we get to make such decisions...

  4. Comparisons[ Go to top ]

    Is it just me or are the ratio:

    number of results / number of categories

    way too low !??

    You do not get a good overview of the app-server market by
    looking at those fragmented results.
  5. Comparisons[ Go to top ]

    I absolutely agree that the lack of published results is a problem. I asked Tom Daly (Sun) and John Stecher (IBM) about this at JavaONE, and the consensus was that this should become less of an issue after the next release of SPEC jAppServer. This next release should be stable for a long period of time and receive more marketing push.

    It would be a great thing for the market if the server hardware and software vendors start a performance war around SPEC jAppServer.

    - Travis