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    I am a university student and learning web development using j2ee on my hobby. I tried WSAD 5 trial version and I loved it but the trial time expired and now I am looking for a free IDE (should support full j2ee, not just servlet/jsp). I spent time searching the net and all the links seem to end up with either Eclipse or NetBeans. Before I commit to one of them, I just want to ask what do you reckon about them or do you have a suggestion? Please also give me a link to a installation guide.
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Eclipse wins hands down !![ Go to top ]

    Hi Peter !
    You can shit your eyes and go for Eclipse. It's very stable and the best Java IDE around. Furthermore, if you start using Eclipse, it'll be really easy for you to pick up Websphere Studio too.
    After all, that's based on Eclipse too. Eclipse's debugging capabilities won me over a long time ago :)
    And I dare say, in some ways, it's intellisense and code complete features are better than that offered by VS.NET which was so far considered to be one of the most crisp IDEs around.
  3. Eclipse IDE[ Go to top ]

    Oops !! That's shut your eyes !! Sorry for the typo Peter !
  4. Which plugins do you use for j2ee development then?

    I liked eclipse but couldn't find something which comes close to the j2ee support in for example jbuilder8, for generating j2ee application server specific xml configuration files (for example oracle9ias). I would even try to switch to jboss or sun one app server if eclipse has better support for those two with plugins...

    regards hjm
  5. The most popular is Lomboz

    but you can find many more in
  6. Eclipse IDE[ Go to top ]

    Typo? Paging Dr Freud!

    Help! I can't see. Somebody must have shit my eye!
  7. Eclipse[ Go to top ]

    If you've been using WSAD, then Eclipse is the logical tool for you. WSAD is based off of Eclipse. Also, because of the many plugins available for Eclipse being available. I've used NetBeans in the past, and I've heard good comments on its form editor for Swing apps. Eclipse and NetBeans both have its share of features, but I would definitely go with Eclipse considering you have a background of WSAD.
  8. Try MyEclipse[ Go to top ]

    For $30 it is almost free, and you get a professional product with support and documentation. This is a solid product right now. The GA is due July 15th and the the roadmap will keep you swiming in J2EE functionality for a long time to come.
  9. Jbuilder[ Go to top ]

    Hi Peter,

    Try jbuilder personal version. I feel personal verion is good when you compare to other freeware in same category.