Vignette announces J2EE-based eBizXchange 4.1 integration server


News: Vignette announces J2EE-based eBizXchange 4.1 integration server

  1. AUSTIN, Texas, Nov 13, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Vignette Corp. (Nasdaq:VIGN), the leading supplier of e-business applications, today announced that the latest version of Vignette eBizXchange™, an industry-leading business-to-business integration (B2Bi) application that enables secure, real-time exchange of business transactions across a web of trading partners, is generally available and shipping to customers. This version of Vignette eBizXchange is also the first B2Bi solution that is based on a 100 percent Java 2 Enterprise (J2EE) architecture.

    Vignette eBizXchange is a quickly and easily deployed B2B solution for portals, storefronts, vertical and horizontal marketplaces, and for companies that wish to streamline their business processes with customers, trading partners and suppliers. The application is the first B2Bi solution to offer high-level process management and reconfiguration for business managers and IT professionals, reducing the need for custom coding.

    Vignette eBizXchange is the first comprehensive, single-vendor solution that moves beyond basic B2Bi infrastructure capabilities. The application can be used independently or in combination with other Vignette technology to provide a highly streamlined, end-to-end solution for business process integration. Vignette provides a complete B2B infrastructure, including B2Bi, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Content Aggregation and Syndication, Content Management, Personalization and Communication.

    These capabilities are used in information portals, B2C and B2B storefronts, as well as vertical marketplace applications. With the expanded capabilities offered by Vignette, "many-to-many" e-marketplaces and large companies migrating their traditional business processes to the Internet can substantially decrease their time to market and maximize return on investment, while incorporating a flexible architecture that adapts to future growth and changes. Vignette eBizXchange is the easiest way for companies to establish an integrated transaction environment of trading partners by reducing the necessity for custom coded solutions.

    "The ability to provide a secure, real-time exchange of business transactions across a web of customers, trading partners and suppliers is one of the most crucial tasks businesses face," said Colleen Niven, vice president of E-business Technologies at AMR Research. "As 'many-to-many' e-marketplaces and brick and mortar companies move traditional business processes to the web, we anticipate that most will want an architecture that lets them adapt to future growth and changes, such as Vignette eBizXchange."

    Vignette eBizXchange, based on industry standards such as XML and J2EE, delivers robust features and functionality in several key areas:

    -- Highly Scalable, Open Architecture - Unlike many B2Bi solutions that are based on proprietary application servers, Vignette eBizXchange is 100% Java (J2EE) compliant and runs on top of industry-leading application servers that provide extensive load balancing, fault tolerance and clustering capabilities to enable high volume execution of simultaneous transactions. In addition, Vignette eBizXchange's open architecture can accommodate rapidly evolving technologies, which simplifies the development and management of complex transaction systems. Vignette eBizXchange uses XML as the common language for business-to-business document exchange and is the first application server to support BizTalk--the Microsoft specification for XML based business information.

    Vignette eBizXchange also provides the ability to support
    other industry standards.

    -- Interoperability with Non-Vignette Solutions - Vignette eBizXchange enables interoperability with non-Vignette solutions by automatically transforming business documents into the native format of your trading partners. Unlike point solutions that often require a client application on the receiving end of a transaction, the Vignette eBizXchange solution has the unique capability link many-to-many trading partners across heterogeneous systems.

    -- Rapid Configuration for Complex Business Processes - Vignette eBizXchange offers a robust, easy-to-use solution for configuring and managing highly diversified trading communities. Comprehensive, trading community management features ensure that transactions can be tailored to each trading partner's specific business and technical requirements, providing an automated solution that can scale easily to the high volumes desired for fast-paced Internet business operations. The modular, open architecture also allows users to incorporate emerging standards and new business paradigms, accommodating XML and HTML as well as other standards and specifications such as RosettaNet or proprietary formats.

    Vignette eBizXchange provides easy-to-use, point-and-click management interface that eliminates much of the programming usually required to configure complex automated transactions. eBizXchange allows customers to deploy their solutions in record time and any follow up modifications can be done without any coding.

    "Vignette eBizXchange allows companies to address several key business challenges, including helping them streamline critical operations by automating the exchange of business documents and transactions with trading partners," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president and general manager, Collaboration and Integration Products Division, Vignette. "This automation of business transactions results in eliminating much of the redundancy and manual effort associated with traditional transaction methods such as phone, fax and manual order entry. Customizable integration for suppliers' back-end systems, along with the ability to seamlessly add Vignette eIntegrate™ for internal systems, enables users to implement a highly effective end-to-end transaction solution."

    Vignette eBizXchange Availability Vignette eBizXchange is available to customers today. For more information on Vignette's entire suite of enterprise applications, please visit or call 888/608-9900.

    About Vignette Vignette Corporation (Nasdaq:VIGN) is the leading supplier of e-business applications. Vignette's products enable businesses to create and extend relationships with prospects and customers and ease high-volume transaction exchanges with suppliers and partners, all of which enhances customer satisfaction. Vignette powers more than 1,150 leading e-businesses. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Vignette has offices located throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and in Australia and can be found on the Web at

  2. When I read a press release like this one, I really start wondering about the intent of these things...Of course one is to attract attention. I am sure there are trained professionals who write this kind of stuff. After reading the whole thing and making sure that I understand each word, I still cannot answer some basic questions: what is this product ? Is it a J2EE application ? (apparently yes, but why is it then called "an application server" ?) Then, what is it actually doing ? All the industry's buzz-words are in this press release! I understand that this product "allows companies to address several key business challenges". Wow!!! and, of course, "allows the customer to deploy their solutions in record time and any follow up modifications can be done without any coding".
    Now one thing is sure: I am very curious to see this product...It is The Solution to all our IT problems. Yes, it also walks the dog. :-)))
  3. Ok....I read the whitepapers. Now it's clear. It does not walk the dog. It is a J2EE EAI application. Sorry for being upset :-)
  4. Tiberiu,

     I know exactly how you feel. I couldn't figure out exactly what the product was when I read the press release either, so I did what you did, I read the whitepapers. When I post news on TheServerSide, the 4 line summary you see on the home page is my attempt to explain in a few words exactly what the product is. This usually requires reading the product's whitepapers or even calling programmers at their company to explain exactly what they mean in plain java. :)

      In regards to your question about whether it is a server or now, on the front page, I mentioned that the product is J2EE based, and sits on top of J2EE compliant application servers.

    take care,


  5. I'm extremly sceptical of products claiming to solve all your problems, while they can't even manage to provide an evaluation download. To try Vignette, you have to pay bucks up front and sign a partnership agreement. The big risk here is high quality foilware and low quality software.

    Does anybody have Vignette experience out there?
  6. They are not the only ones. Several of the new companies in this space won't even let you download an evaluation copy. They want to discuss your requirements etc first before they will let you see anything more detailed than a white paper. If they won't let you see it up front, read the documentation etc, then I get nervous.
    When you do agree then you have to sign an NDA so you can't talk about the product with others. Makes you wonder.
  7. Re: does anyone have experience with Vignette?

    Not one of the 16 people I'm working with have anything nice to say about Vignette 5.5. And I'm highly skeptical of the J2EE support. Is it like Dynamo, where it's essentially a token gesture and not completely integrated?