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    Hi guys,

      We have added a number of new features:
    1) Next page on the news archive.
    2) Verification of user emails on signup
    3) Edit user profile (change your email, etc).

      On thursday we updated TheServerSide with these changes and switched JDK's from Blackdown 118 to IBM 1.3. A whole slew of bugs which did't turn up during our testing cropped up on deployment, which resulted in some down time and inconsistent behaviour on thursday and friday. Luckily, these problems were fixed and TheServerSide is now stable, and faster than ever!

       I know you developers are hungry for the details, so here they are:
    1) Weblogic is very flaky with JDK 1.3. We needed to upgrade to SP6 and then ditch JDK 1.3 for Sun 1.2.2 (the site kept crashing mysteriously).
    2) Our recent upgrade to WL 5.1 exposed some older bugs that weren't visible before: our stateful session beans were timing out before our servlet sessions, resulting in errors when trying to post a message an hour after logging in. We rectified this by ditching ourt stateful session bean (see the design slides in the resources section), and storing login state in the servlet session. Any methods that require user state (postMessage, etc) now take the users primary key as a parameter. As a result, our site appears to be a lot faster, and we will not be having timeout problems again.

        For those who are interested, this the current status of TheServerSide:

    Linux, 650 mhz, 784 megs ram (Weblogic uses half of that, with the heap set 392).

    Sun jdk1.2.2
    Weblogic 5.1 sp6
    PostGreSQL Database
    Apache Webserver

    take care guys,

  2. what type of average traffic are you getting now? is this upgrade a result of more traffic?
  3. No,

      As I mentioned, the upgrade was a result of bugs came up after the jdk 1.3 and WL 5.1 upgrade.

      Noways we are getting about 35,000 pageviews per day! Apache is reporting an average of about 3200 user sessions per day. Pretty impressive eh? :)

  4. What is your average load (user sessions) on the server?
  5. Hi Floyd:

    Just wondering if you have a more recent status on WL 5.1 SPx support for JDK 1.3

    I know that BEA is at 5.1 SP8 level now, and they claim JDK 1.3 support. But given this incident I am wondering how realistic it is to move to JDK 1.3 with WL 5.1 SPx?

  6. William,

       I have found WL to be pretty reliable in their claims for platform support. When I tried to run under 1.3 I had problems, but that was before SP8. Thus I would give it a go. If you are worried, then just make sure you don't use any JDK 1.3 specific code, so you can change JDK's later.