Orbeon Open Sources its XML RenderKit for JavaServer Faces


News: Orbeon Open Sources its XML RenderKit for JavaServer Faces

  1. Orbeon has open sourced its XML RenderKit for JavaServer Faces. The XML RenderKit brings Model 2X to JSF and allows developers to style JSF components using XML transformation languages such as XSLT. It can be installed with the JavaServer Faces Reference Implementation Early Access 4. The source code is available under MPL, GPL and LGPL and comes with examples running on most Servlet containers, including Tomcat and WebLogic.

    Complete information is available from the Orbeon Web site:

    Documentation: Using OXF with JavaServer Faces
  2. Looks nice! It's great to see XForms taking a step forward in a pure server-side implementation. However, I didn't see anything about open source or open source licensing terms on the site, including under the headings of "download" and "license". Maybe this just hasn't been updated yet?
  3. Paul, the XML RenderKit is Open Source. OXF, our XML transformation framework for Web Applications, is a commercial product (free for non-commercial use) which is not Open Source.

    The Open Source XML RenderKit can be used standalone, but it also integrates with OXF. The standalone distribution of the RenderKit just refers to the OXF documentation. I hope this clarifies the issue.

    About the XML RenderKit:

    About OXF: