I am pleased to announce the release of JXV 0.4.

JXV is an open source (Apache-style license) Java-to-XML mapper. It supports both SAX and DOM output, and can read XML input from any SAX-compliant parser. The DOM trees generated by JXV are dynamic, and reflect changes made to the object model even after they were created. JXV fully supports namespaces in it's XML views, and can correctly parse and read XML content with namespaces.

JXV uses a pluggable architecture which allows XML view factories to be configured and loaded at runtime. The JXV configuration mechanisms also leverage XML namespaces to allow the configurations for those different view factories to be given as part of the JXV configuration. In this release, JXV comes pre-configured with view factories for JavaBeans, Collections, arrays, Maps, and "flat objects" such as Strings, primitives, etc. These factories support a wide variety of configuration options, and are sufficient for most object models. Future versions of JXV include pre-configured support for additional factories. JXV may also release special-purpose factories (such as ones providing views for RowSets, ResultSets and other JDBC structures) as extension packages.

JXV is available for download here. The website also has links for mailing lists, forums and email addresses where you can change your comments, opinions, or requests. I will also be monitoring this discussion if you wish to ask something here.