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    Does anyone know / has experience with a serverside Javascript solution for Apache? Maybe compiles to servlets and has access to the Java framework. Much like Jython? I know Javascript, I know Java and I'm willing to learn Jython, that is how much I dislike JSP. Too much work, still not a clean cut between presentation and logic tier.

    I'm aware of Rhino, but this is a generic Javascript implementation in Java. The solution I'm looking for is probably Rhino based but serverside web specific!

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      Have you checked struts specs. I guess it might help you change your opinion about JSPs. After all 80% of community cant be wrong :)

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    Yep, checked them and it is much better. We have much of our businesslogic implemented in Beans, etc. But you need to glue those objects together and using Java / JSP is overkill. A good scripting language should do the trick.

    We have programmers and scripters. Our programmers should continue building beans, EJB's, etc. OUr scriptors should glue them together. Now they're bothering the developmentteam with basic Java stuff. Can't blame them, the classtree is too big to be easy.
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      Just out of curiosity, arent you interested in GUI level validations, more of like field or inter field validations. Are you planning to take these validation to server side and make the client wait for simple formating errors ?

      My suggestion will be to go for struts with taglib. and hire one or two teamlead level jsp resources. (If you want I will send you few from India HA HA HA HA).

      That way, these jsp guys do the firefighting and educate ur scripters. and you will get the project done on time.

      Added advantage - after two months you have pool of resources good in jsp, struts and gui design.

    hope u agree