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    I know this is not a right place to put a question, but in case you can help me, it will be great.

     I need to generate java docs for my API. my problem is, I am not able to get the initial index page as i am expecting it.
    If you check jdk api the index page gives some headings and package descriptions. But I am not sure where the hell I need to write that stuff.
    I am no way interested in putting the info in index.html as it might get overwritten when i run new ant job.
    any suggestions ?
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      found package level comment help on sun site. Thought somebody might want to check this.

    Package Level Comments.

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    Basically, create a package.html file with general information for each package, and put it into the same directory as the source code for that package.

    For overview information for the entire library, create an "overview.html" file and designate its location using the "-overview" option:

    javadoc -overview [path-to-overview.html] [packages-to-document]

    All of the above assumes your organize your source code in the same directory structure as your package structure.
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    greaaaaaaaat ... that was my next question :) thanks for giving me overview information.

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      As per ur directions I have made the overview file. The problem is if u see java api spcs then u will see a title and later one line detail and if u click description then u go to the real para.

      in my case I am getting this heading on two place. one is on top and other is at description location..

      do you have any overview html template.