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    Hi all
    could you please tell me how i can measure performance of j2ee application on jboss ?
    we developed a j2ee application with struts , entity beans on jboss 3.2 and i should check the performance on ejb tier as soon as possible , I think i should use some load runner programs , but please suggest the best one and the simplest.
    --Amir Hossein

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  2. I've used OpenSTA successfully on several occasions. OpenSTA is a freeware http load generation tool that I believe is still available for download. Unfortunately, the company that developed the tool is out of business.

    We have successfully used OpenSTA to simulate several thousand concurrent users. The tool can distribute load across multiple PCs. It can be a bit buggy at times. We have also used Mercury LoadRunner, which is the best-of-breed load tool. LoadRunner comes with a lot more bells and whistles than OpenSTA, but for a small application, I'd give the freeware tool a try before investing several thousand or tens of thousands in a tool like LoadRunner.
    -Ben Goulding
  3. Check out this thread describing some of the more popular open source and commercial tools for load testing applications.

  4. JAMon is a free open source performance tuning api that monitors performance as well as scalability. I won't go into the advantages of it as they are discussed at You can also download the jar from there. It is quite easy to use and you can be monitoring in a few minutes. Also there is sample code that shows how to monitor via servlet filters. JAMon is fast enough to monitor even in production.

    steve -