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    Hi buddies,
    I hv one entity bean named CasePaperBean (with CasePaper - remote interface and CasePaperHome - Home interface) which is running cool as i hv tested it from jsp.
    ( <%@ page import="CasePaper,CasePaperHome,javax.ejb.* like wise)
    But when i am trying to access it from servlet (import CasePaper;import CasePaperHome;)
    ant is giving an error like import CasePaper; - dot (.) expected.

    Should i need to code Entity Bean in Package, please help !

    - Dharmin

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    Try putting your EJB code in a package, and importing that package in your servlet.
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    another way is to put ur EJB class files directly under classes folder. second way it to put them in lib folder. But will not put them in lib. better way is to put in classes folder.