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     i was previously using strut1.0 and i was able to trap errors if any field is empty thr. Form Validation.
    and errors written in the ApplicationResource file.

    But now i shifted to struts1.1 suppose i trap error if field is empty .
    No errors r now displayed on the same page when next button is pressed.
    I havenot changed my anycode in java files also.

    when will be the reason.
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    Note that Struts-1.0 ApplicationBundle configuration has been deprecated and is replaced by the message-resources tag at struts-config.xml.

    Furthermore, method perform( :ActionMapping, :HttpServletRequest, :HttpServletResponse ) :ActionErrors has been deprecated and is replaced by the method execute( ( :ActionMapping, :HttpServletRequest, :HttpServletResponse ) :ActionErrors

    So, you probably wanna check the above first. For further information, please refer to

    Hope that works! :)