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    From what I see here 80% of the messages have no answers. Those that have one have like 3 answers at most.

    Anybody knows a more 'lively' forum somewhere on java server-side technologies? Sorry but I feel a little bored here nobody answers... I dont wanna be rude to the website admin or anything, maybe other sections of the board have more people in, but the jsp section isnt exactly alive.

    I know the jdc forums are not bad, but I'm already there :)

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    Doh my bad I meant to post this in the jsp section lol. Ok I'll cross post only for this once.
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    Most questions go unanswered in this forum. TSS is not really a Q/A troubleshooting forum. Most contributors here like to discuss theories, patterns and other abstract ideas.
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    Well I dont see why it cant be both. For instance, the JDC forums discuss both the theories, good practices, design patterns, but also and mostly troubleshooting I'll give you that. I tend to check everyday on forums like 15-30 minutes at the start of day, and I find it annoying when I asked a question like 3-5 days ago with still no answer. +There's no way to bump a message here. Anyways, I dont wanna get into a discussion about what I dont like about here, I'm just curious as to if people know other good forums on java web technologies where people post often.

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