JMS 1.1 server JORAM 3.6 Released with J2ME Connectivity


News: JMS 1.1 server JORAM 3.6 Released with J2ME Connectivity

  1. Objectweb's JORAM is an open source JMS 1.1 platform based on a distributed architecture. The 3.6 release provides access to J2ME apps, allowing mobile devices to perform messaging operations in a JMS 1.1 "way". JORAM provides persistent messages, JMX management facilities, hierarchical topics, SOAP based communication, and more.

    Checkout JORAM: Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging server.

    Press Release
    JORAM 3.6 follows the 3.4 release in addressing the opening of the JORAM platform to heterogenous client applications. Where JORAM 3.4, with the support of SOAP as client communication protocol, opened the platform to non-Java applications, the 3.6 release, with its new kJORAM libraries, opens the platform to lightweight devices.

    Benefiting from a new generation Message Oriented Middleware from ScalAgent Distributed Technologies [1], JORAM is the single JMS compliant platform based on a truly distributed architecture. JORAM is particularly suited for distributed applications to be connected on a large-scale basis through Internet, requiring load balancing, high availability and flexibility. The JORAM team is always happy to help JORAM users in defining the architecture they need [2].

    To be noted, JORAM is now covered by the LGPL licence.


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  2. what about openjms ?[ Go to top ]

    Anyone ? OpenJMS vs JORAM ? Benchmarks ?
  3. How does it measure up?[ Go to top ]

    How does Joram measure up to the competition?
  4. the link is not accessable[ Go to top ]

    the link has following error:
    The requested URL could not be retrieved


    While trying to retrieve the URL: [no URL]

    The following error was encountered:

    Read Error
    The system returned:

        (104) Connection reset by peer
    An error condition occurred while reading data from the network. Please retry your request.
  5. The link works fine for me[ Go to top ]

    Just few comments about my experience with Joram:
    A long long time ago (about 3 years), I had to use a JMS solution for a J2EE project running on Jonas Application Server. I had few problems with Joram implementation and I used OpenJMS.
    But now, it seems that Joram is working really fine. I've used it 6 month ago and it was running fine even under load. I had some problems with Jonas MDBeans implementation and then I used simple java classes as listeners and it was really reliable.
    Seeing the astonishing work Jonas team did for release 3.1, I'm pretty sure the problems I had at that time are gone now.
    I really consider Jonas as a production ready server. Jboss is not alone...
  6. Joram in JOnAS[ Go to top ]

    JOnAS 3.1 is a production ready container. MDB is also very reliable in JOnAS with Joram as OpenUSS uses MDB to send all the mails (Mailinglist Component, Discussion Watcher Component, etc.). Sometimes OpenUSS sends one personalized email, one by one, to reach more than 1000 users in one time (as some lectures in OpenUSS contain more than 1000 students). No problem ;-)

    Lofi Dewanto.
  7. Integration with other containers?[ Go to top ]

    How about integration with other containers (JBoss comes to mind..)?
  8. Integration[ Go to top ]

    JBoss comes with its own JMS implementation. I don't know whether you can use Joram with JBoss easily... Should be possible...

  9. JMS clients through firewalls[ Go to top ]

    Out of topic but i could not resist:

    J2ME connectivity implies that JMS clients can keep a connection with their server when this server has a firewall in front of it?

    How does this happen?
    Does other vendors provide this ability?

  10. Does JORAM support being embedded in a servlet container easily? I would like to add JMS capabilities to a site without the overhead of running a separate JVM, managing a separate server, and so forth. (The JMS queue will be used to buffer outbound mail to help handle SMTP server outages, etc.)

    I saw that OpenJMS has a specific object for running as embedded, but JORAM seems to be a bit newer from a spec perspective.
  11. Joram embedded[ Go to top ]

    In JOnAS (J2EE Container), Joram (JMS) and Tomcat (Servlet) are already embedded as Service. Check the ../conf/ file.