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    I'm looking for lightweight J2EE servers that provide a reasonably small footprint and good performance. Historically I have enjoyed Orion Server's quick startup and minimal overhead but I am concerned about its long term viability. Their updates are few and far between, and their response to email inquiries is not... rapid. (To be fair, I submitted a request as a non-paying tester, but still never did receive a response.) OC4J is a reasonable branch of Orion Server, but I am unsure what their cost structure is like.

    In reality, for the short-medium term I could get away with a fast (and current) servlet container with an integrated JMS provider.. any recommendations there?

    What do people like in this area?

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    Have you looked at:

    Caucho Resin


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    Not sure that Elba is a valid option as this is a fork of JBoss and just a temporary one that will exist only until Geronimo is ready. You certainly can't call JBoss lightweight (unless you strip out all the mbeans you don't want!)
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    I hadn't looked at JONAS for a while, actually.. perhaps I'll give it another look. How does it's footprint and startup compare to Orion?

    I've looked at Resin, and was considering embeddeding OpenJMS into Resin for the time being.. anybody tried that?