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    Dear Fellow Java Developers:

    I am using Weblogic Server7 in developing EJB's and am encountering the following error, (the server still runs mind you):

    <Error preparing application component C:\bea7\user_domains\mydomain of applicaiton mydomain: Name=applications, Type=Application for deployment: java.io.FileNotFOundException: C:\bea7\user_domains\mydomain\myserver\ldap\ldapfiles|EmbeddedLDAP.lok<The process cannot access the file because it is being used bgy another process><local path: C:\bea7user_domains\mydomain\myserver\ldap\ldapfiles|EmbeddedLDAP.lok>>

    I checked the directory and the file is there of size 0kb. What is the problem? How is the file being used by another process, and how can I stop this?

    My next question relates to the PointBase database. I am trying to create a connection pool, and I have included all the jar files in my class path. This is how I am creating the connection pool:


    NAME: styejbPool
    URL: jdbc:pointbase:server://localhost:9092/styejbPool
    DRIVER: com.pointbase.jdbc.jdbcUniversalDriver

    I click "create", choose 10 for the maximum capacity and then I click apply. Then in the targets tab, I move myserver to the chosen column and then I click apply. At this point, I get the following error:

    <ERROR><JDBC><001060><Cannot startup connection pool "styejbPool" weblogic.common.ResourceException: Cannot load driver class: com.pointbase.jdbc.jdbcUniversalDriver>

    I personally don't know what the problem is, I have checked everything, and because of this error, I am also unable to create a TX Data Source, and thus, my entity bean can't connect to my database.

    What should I do? What is the problem, and how can I correct this?

    Thanks in advance to all who reply.

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    It can't find the pointbase driver, which is strange. I thought that one was included in weblogic. Check the classpath for the server and make sure it's pointing to the right place. You might have to download the driver jar and add it to your classpath.
  3. Look here Embedded LDAP issues There is a file called embeddedldap.lok that is created in the domain/server/ldap/ldapfiles folder. If this file is present, the server cannot boot and you will see the following error: To avoid this error, be sure that there is no other process started or accessing that file and just delete it. This file is normally unlocked on shutdown, but if the previous shutdown occurred in an abnormal way, like a crash, then this file may not be unlocked properly thus generating such error on the next boot. And here Lok’d Out Occasionally you might have difficulty starting the server due to an error message like this: …myserver\ldap\ldapfiles\EmbeddedLDAP.lok (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process) The EmbeddedLDAP.lok file ensures that only one WebLogic server can access an embedded LDAP instance. Double-check to make sure that the WLS instance is not already running. One easy way to do this is to try to pull up the WLS console in a browser. If it comes up, the server is running, of course. If it’s not, try deleting the EmbeddedLDAP.lok file.