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    Sorry guys had to open this thread, as the topic was not visible to ppl.
    hope thatz ok with u guys.


      As per ur directions I have made the overview file. The problem is if u see java api spcs then u will see a title and later one line detail and if u click description then u go to the real para.

      in my case I am getting this heading on two place. one is on top and other is at description location..

      do you have any overview html template.

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    The overview puts the first paragraph at the top of the page, not the first line, so the behavior you are seeing is the correct behavior. Try making your first line in your overview its own seperate paragraph.

    Initial Line.</p>

    The rest of the overview ...</p>

    For examples of overview.html files, try downloading the source code for one of the Apache project. Many of them have overview.html files. For example, the Logging API in Jakarta commons has an overview.html file.