We've released version 0.8 of our wiki render engine Radeox. Primarily we added support for locales to change input and output for filters and moved to PicoContainer for components. Radeox is written in Java and distributed under the LGPL.

- Added feature: PicoContainer support
- Added feature: Macros now read their name from radeox_markup.properties
- Added feature: BoldFilter, ItalicFilter etc. now read their regex from radeox_markup.properties
- Added feature: Filter support replaces() to indicate which other filters they replace
- Fixed bug: Interwiki [SnipSnap@C2#anchor] with anchors did not work
- Fixed bug: __bold__ was replaced when there where no spaces in front or behind
- Added feature: MailTo macro, e.g. {mailto:stephan at mud dot de}
- Fixed bug: ant example did not work
- Fixed bug: ---- was found by StrikeThroughFilter and not by LineFilter
- Fixed bug: when aliasing links \[lias|link#hash] the hash was ignored

http://radeox.org for more information
ftp://snipsnap.org/radeox for downloads