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    "For a decade, IBM's server group was losing ground to competitors because of a fragmented product line, political infighting, an inability to adopt technology quickly and a haughty attitude toward customers." This report discusses the big changes that we have seen at Big Blue, due to William M. Zeitler's leadership. The different server divisions are brought closer together due to Java and Linux.

    IBM made a sharp turn from lock-in, to openness. "When they are open, they've been successful," Eunice said, pointing to IBM's WebSphere software for running Java software on servers, its embrace of Linux and its support of the open-source Eclipse programming tools.

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    If only they could make their AS/400 JVM as fast and robust as Linux one...
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    Does somebody know how fast the IBM JVM under AIX 5 is and where to get performance comparisions ?

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    I am currently working on a project using AIX 5, WAS 4.04 AE and DB2.
    We just took the system into production, and I would say that it has no problems. The system is a very high volume financial (type) site.

    Unfortunately I have no benchmarks of it, but all bottle-necks found during testing and now production have been due to pretty simplistic coding errors that were easily fixed, and I would say I am pretty impressed with the performance so far.
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    Which Hardware do you use ? How traffic does your system handle ?
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    2 IBM pSeries "Baby Regatta" machines (fail-over, only one actively running at a time), dual-processors (dont recall exact mhz), 1,5GB RAM. I am definitely not a hardware guy, I break out in rashes as soon as someone starts talking about hardware related problems. ;)

    I believe the system handles around 11 000 financial-transactions a day with peak-hours between 08-16 where the wast majority occurs, thats not including all the surfing around, looking at information regarding these transactions.
    I would say that the systems is pretty oversized (on purpose) for the current application, it could easily handle at least 2 similar applications and load running on it as well without breaking a sweat..