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    Hi everybody -

    Does anybody have any experience with integrating a J2EE based application with a Workflow/Rules Engine tool like BEA's Weblogic Process Integrator or Versata ?

    1. I am wondering what you're learnings are from using a Rules Engine.
    2. What kind of support does it have for Session and Entity Beans.
    3. Does Sun plan to have a standard API to connect to a Rules Based Engine ? Similar to JDBC->Relational Databases, Connector->ERP, I see a need for a "driver" to Rules Based Engines. Could be a space where the new Message Driven Bean plays a significant role !!!
    4. What are the leading products in this space ? Versata, Process Integrator, Spiritsoft's SPIRIT-INTELLECT, iLog, MQSeries Workflow ... ???

    This is a hot topic right now. A lot of clients in several different industries are demanding the need for a mechanism to incorporate volatile business rules. Having Java developers to create new enterprise beans or changing the logic in Session beans for every new innovative service they offer is expensive.

    Thanks everybody. Looking forward to your thoughts.

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    By Rules Engine, do you mean a RETE based program like JESS (http://herzberg.ca.sandia.gov/jess/) or Blaze Advisor (www.blazesoft.com)?

    or, are you thinking Workflow, which the BEA Process Integrator seems to be. The BEA personalization includes an OEM of JRules from ILOG.

    I'm looking as well to pass business logic admin out to end users, and this technology seems well suited.

  3. Rulesharp is very simple to integrate[ Go to top ]

    one line of code to execute unlimited number or rules that call each other, that's powerfull. you drive your own services, no overlapping with EJB, just pure business logic. documenting the rules is as easy as an sql query or any reporting tool. check it out at www.rulesharp.com randy