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    I'm working on websphere 5 and configured a ldap server on WAS 5.
    Now I want to validate a login aperson through a jsp page by validating it through ldap.
    How do I do that .Do I have to configure some user registry where in I can sepcify the location where a person is redirected after validating through ldap.
    Any example wld be of grt help.
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    Well basically there r 2 things here. You hooked up your WebSphere security to a LDAP server. so now u can use J2EE security(roles etc) when you are packaging your application.

    So lets say you have a EJB which has debitAccount method, usning J2EE security you can define wat all users are authorised to access this method. similarly u can definne security constraints for access to web resources(servlet, jsp) as well. all this without writing any code, just by way of deployment descriptor.

    now what i understand is you may wanna write custom authentication code in your login.jsp. one sure way to to that is use JNDI to access the LDAP database. you can always facade the JNDI code in some authentication helper class.

    you may also wanna check out JAAS. dont kno much bout it. but i read sometime back it supports Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).