Article: "Java everywhere" is for world domination


News: Article: "Java everywhere" is for world domination

  1. "Java everywhere" itself was everywhere at JavaOne this year. Michael Juntao Yuan tries to explain the new vision from Sun, its relationship with traditional Java philosophies, and discusses its impact on developers, especially today's enterprise developers.

    On the enterprise front he specifically says:

    "Since "Java everywhere" seems so focused on the mobile client, many enterprise Java developers have the perception that it has nothing to do with them. After all, not everyone wants to start a new career to develop games. However, "Java everywhere" is more than relevant for enterprise developers since enterprise applications must be designed to work with their clients. In fact, many recent J2EE innovations ease life for J2EE developers who want to support mobile clients."

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    How does the vision affect us J2EE folks?

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  2. <quote>Thin clients' requirements for a fast, reliable wireless network are simply not realistic"</quoate>

    Well I dont completely agree with this. I read that 802.11x networks are popping up all over the country these days. They might not be everywhere, unlike your cell phone connection, but they might end up being at enough places.

    I know Michael(the author) was trying to make a case for J2ME, with which I dont disagree. I think J2ME has its own space. Lately I worked with a wireless provider(they just started business) and they are big time into J2ME content apps. They are using J2EE as their back-end infrastructure.
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    Its great to know Java is getting recognition in every stream. For J2EE developer, life is not constrained with developing only web based applications.

    Everyone is following the footsteps of oops.

    Life is surely getting more organized with J2EE specifications.