JInspired (www.jinspired.com) has announced the availability of JDBInsight 2.0 Early Access (EA) 2. Since the product's preview at the JavaOne 2003 conference in San Francisco the product has undergone numerous UI improvements, along with increased server platform support.

With JDBInsight's many new informative visualizations of J2EE/SQL transactions paths performance execution, developers, testers and J2EE administrators can better understand the interaction between various server technologies and corporate databases.

Notable Features in EA Release
* Resource Tracking: For any allocation site (callstack and sql context) creation, closure and unreferenced counters are recorded and connected with powerful visualization maps.

* Indepth SQL Analysis: Browse SQL statements from many difference perspectives such as Transaction Entry Points, Classifications, Tokens and Automatic Schema Generation. The Token view acts as a suffix with starting points being standard SQL clauses.

* SQL Syntax: SQL Statements can have standard clauses visually removed to aid analysis. This helps identify similiar statements based on where clauses or selection. The following clauses can be hidden: Select, From, Where, Order By, Group By, For Update.

* Measurements: JDBInsight is the first product to track memory allocation, blocking, and waiting, and garbage collection at the transaction execution path level. Other performance solutions only record timing for a user transaction whereas JDBInsight allows developers and testers to determine the memory allocation requirements for each unique execution path.

* Transaction Analysis: JDBInsight recognizes paths based on their actual execution paths and not simply a entry point such as a Servlet or EJB. With the increasing usage of generic controllers and facades this capability is a necessity for performance profile comprehension.

* Oracle JDBC extensions support.

View the Flash Demo (Updated for EA 2 Release): http://www.jinspired.com/products/jdbinsight/flash.html

Immediate download of JDBInsight 2.0 EA 2 for Solaris, Linux and Windows: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jdbinsight/eap/index.html

About JDBInsight
JDBInsight is an innovative enterprise development product, aimed at simplifying the performance tuning and testing of J2EE™ applications, which access data through the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC™) API. JDBInsight analyses the access of enterprise data by J2EE™ client-, web-, and bean containers. The analysis can encompass transaction executions, from multiple J2EE™ containers. JDBInsight captures timing and execution information for enterprise data accessed by Servlets, JavaServer Pages, Session- and Entity Beans using JDBC™ or an Entity Bean using a container's persistence engine. JDBInsight can also profile non-J2EE applications that access enterprise data through the JDBC™ API.

About JInspired
JInspired located in Ireland, delivers JDBInsight, a comprehensive solution for Application Performance Tuning and Testing that focuses directly on early identification within the development and testing lifecycle. JInspired offers sophisticated analytical tools, that capture transactional behaviour and performance timing information, across multiple containers in a single console, and presents this information intuitively to the user "Visualizing the Invisible”.