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    Has someone configured IBM HTTP Server and Weblogic, where requests are proxied from HTTP Server to Weblogic

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    IBM HTTPD is the same as Apache HTTPD, so you can use the WebLogic/Apache plugin supplied by with WebLogic. Refer to
  3. Can you please point to a document that details the steps.
  4. I am using IBM HTTP Server version 1.3.26 and weblogic Server 7.0 SP2.
    I have performed the following steps as indicated in the Apache Plug In documentation but of no avail.

    Copy the file to the modules directory.
    Modified the httpd.conf file by adding the line

    When I execute the command apache -configtest it shows an error in the above line by saying that the module could not be located under modules directory.

    Can you please verify what is going wrong?