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    Windward Studios of Boulder, Colorado, recently announced Windward Reports, a J2EE report generation product, produces reports from XML data to a wide range of export formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML (3.2 or with .CSS), and TXT.

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    Windward Reports is the only reporting tool to use Microsoft Word as its layout tool. Both technical and non-technical users can design report templates quickly and easily, while taking full advantage of Word’s powerful formatting features and WYSIWYG environment with no learning curve.

    Windward Reports then merges the report template with the corresponding XML data file, using several simple tags including: <=:xpath> , <while:xpath> ...<end:> and <if:xpath> ...<else:> ...<end:>.

    Data is selected from the XML file by using XPath statements, in the form /node1/node2 to identify the nodes in the XML file. This makes it a simple yet powerful syntax for both the absolute and relative selection of elements.

    Because Windward Reports is actually a series of API calls, a separate server does not need to be installed, configured or maintained. Plus, it’s fully reentrant and threadsafe, so it can generate numerous reports simultaneously.

    Since streams are the I/O to the API, no files need to be passed. Data can come from strings, an SQL database, and many other sources.

    Windward Reports can run as a standalone application or as an enterprise-wide service running on your corporate server. It will also soon be available as a web-based service, via SOAP packets sent over http.

    Windward Reports operates on any system running Java 1.3 or later. It also has a RMI client that runs on Java 1.1.8 or later.

    The company offers a free trial of Windward Reports.

    For more information, please visit Windward’s website at

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