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  1. Folks,

    I've a technical interview coming up next week. The job I'm applying for is related to troubleshooting J2EE project related application (mostly on weblogic) and interacting with technical folks and business folks as a middle person to communicate issues/resolvation back and forth.

    I feel more comfortable with the business aspect of the job. However, I'm always a little nervous about the technical interviews. I am confident about my technical skills related to the technology but I've had instances where people have even asked my syntax level questions which can throw you off if you're talking to two three people who are interviewing you.

    Any suggestions/resources/reading/personal tips to brush up on my J2EE related skills?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My favorite J2EE book is "J2EE Design and Development" by Rod Johnson.

    On the other hand... if the job requires EJB knowledge, read Ed Roman's "Mastering EJB"
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    Sean, I have not read Rod Johnson book but will definitely take a look at that. I've read both Matering EJB and EJB Design Patterns. Both are excellent books but I found Materning EJB at a bit more "intellectual" level than the later. I think it could have been of a lot more help if written more simply, like the Patterns one.