Tech Talk with Jason Carreira on WebWork and XWork


News: Tech Talk with Jason Carreira on WebWork and XWork

  1. Tech Talk with Jason Carreira on WebWork and XWork (2 messages)

    In this interview Jason discusses the WebWork and XWork frameworks. He describes how hierarchical MVC works in WebWork, defines the inversion of control pattern, and looks at how interceptors are used, including the validation framework in XWork. He compares WebWork to Struts, talks about the OGNL expression language and looks at what's new in WebWork2.

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  2. JSF and WebWork......and eXo[ Go to top ]

    One question of the interview is very interesting according to me :

    "What do you think about JavaServer Faces? Craig seems to be pushing it as a viable struts alternative. How does it impact Webwork?"

    The point is that now everybody seems to say : you have to choose your framework and you must stick with. What I would say is that it simply depends on the application you are writing.

    Some applications need to be component/event driven and they will probably use JSF, while others need more a simple command/business-logic/MVC2 design like WebWork or Struts (avoiding the whole JSF lyfecycle).

    For the eXo platform we use JSF to build the portal page, using custom UIComponents, and manage portal/portlets events.
    In each portlet you can use the framework you want but as most of the time the output markup langage is quite simple, and that the UI part is mainly managed by the portal, we opted for a Struts/WebWork framework.
    This framework is quite close to WebWork I would say, but it has been designed to manage all portlets modes within a single XML file. It also support IoC pattern using PicoContainer and interfaces with the portal using the common service repository.
  3. Please - Think of us non-MS users[ Go to top ]

    Create interview - but it's a hassle to look/listen to it when you have to check the HTML for every question to locate the URL to the media file, then get the ASF, and *then* play it in Xine.

    Could you please just publish the direct link to the ASF for each question??