J2EECertificate.com, free certification website launched


News: J2EECertificate.com, free certification website launched

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    A free training web site J2EECertificate.com has been launched. It's aim is to help to prepare for the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam for the J2EE platform (CX-310-080).

    Preexisting site JavaCertificate.com allows to study for SCJP 1.4 exam. Due to it's huge success and positive encouragements from developers authors have created http://J2EECertificate.com.

    J2EECertificate has several new features that include:

    + Ability to display the exam objectives.
    + New free format question type.
    + You can reset all details relating to your current progress.
    + For multiple-choice answers you can now display the number
    of correct answers expected.

    You can use your existing JavaCertificate.com username and password on the new site.

    Maris Orbidans

    I am not affiliated with JavaCertificate.com. Except that it has helped me to obtain SCJP certificate.

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  2. I just registered to this site. It is very well designed. I hope they will add other subject areas as well. Congratulations to the team
  3. Can't register[ Go to top ]

    I can't register. Tried with both IE6.0 and Mozilla1.4. Required fields in the form are missing.
  4. Can't register[ Go to top ]

    Some of our members have reported that Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall installed on their machine causes the text fields on the registration page to disappear. If you are using one of these products then the following support document published by Symantec Cannot see all of a Web page when NIS or NPF is installed may be of help.
    Hope this helps.
    Jeff Moszuti