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    Hi All,

    I am planning to use CachedRowSet in my current project. I have searched for "rowset.jar" but couldn't find it anywhere on the net. There are some articles which has referenced the following urls for the download:


    But I can't see the file. I was wondering if it has been removed. I Would really apprecite if someone could send me the correct url or email the jar file.

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  2. Look to DB and App Server vendors[ Go to top ]

    Try looking at vendor sites... For example, if you use Oracle then this URL may help:
    Oracle JDBC Drivers

    Also, if you are using an application server, then your AS vendor probably has a cross-database implementation.
  3. Bea implementation[ Go to top ]


    Bea provides CashedRowSet implementation as a part of WebLogic application server (weblogic.jar as far as i remember).