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Performance and scalability: Staged event driven architecture (SEDA) Sandstorm

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    Does any of you worked with SandStorm, an implementation of SEDA?

    I have posted a few questions, RFE and bugs but the users list there is too inactive for my needs. It is a nice piece of work in progress though, and I want good architects to comment on it, or share knowlede if you actually worked with it.

    Some commercial product are based on this work.

    (look for PDF papers, mostly his PHD thesis.)

    and sourceforge (when not out of service...)

  2. just to tease a bit more,
    SEDA is described as

    "An architecture for well-conditioned, highly-concurrent server applications"

    Maybe take will wake up some minds...
    Take a lot at the impressive throughputs benchmarks in the whitepapers.

    The sourceforge site offers an Http server, a Gnuttella router and more.

    It does not pretend to replace app containers, but it is very interresting for some middleware or backends solutions, and even front-end (for exemple, a file server...)

    Please take a look.
    Try it.

    And if you already know it, by all means reply to this thread.
    This technology is definitely worth it.