Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture New Release 1.3.5!


Industry news: Enterprise Java Open Source Architecture New Release 1.3.5!

  1. We are proud to announce the final release of EJOSA Template 1.3.5. New features, bug fixes, new documentation are now available!

    EJOSA - Enterprise Java Open Source Architectur =
    Enhydra (5.0) and JOnAS (3.1) Application

    EJOSA is a project supporting an effective development of J2EE-based applications. The template model provides a collection of many Open Source components available such as Enhydra and JOnAS. Please read the documentation for more information!

    Abstract for the documentation:
    The common argument against a development of J2EE applications using servlet and EJB, is that the development process of this type of applications is just too complicated. The existence of many Open Source Integrated Development Environments (IDE) like NetBeans (http://www.netbeans.org) and Eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org) still do not make this situation any better. These tools do not offer any automation for J2EE application development at all. 3rd party plugins are needed to support that kind of development. Using 3rd party plugins can surely increase the productivity of experienced developers but on the other hand they do not contribute to the explanation of the underlying development process itself which is important for inexperienced developers. The absence of a good “starter kit” and “best practices kit” which can be used as a starting point for developing J2EE applications is also one of reason why it is difficult to begin with a J2EE application development. This article shows a solution how to overcome the complexity of J2EE application development by using Open Source products Enhydra (http://www.enhydra.org) and JOnAS (http://www.objectweb.org).

    - Documentation about EJOSA Template for Users HOW-TO. Thanks to
    Miroslav Halas and Torsten Menzel.
    - Integration of Enhydra as Service in JOnAS. Now you can just start
    JOnAS, and Enhydra will be started automatically as a service
    "enhydra" within JOnAS.
    - JOnAS Alarm example with Jetty is now added into EJOSA and it uses
    the EJOSA Template structure. JOnAS is also configured to use Jetty
    - AspectJ simple example is included within dev-piggybank-ejb-hibernate.
    The presentation layer (Swing and Enhydra) aspects work nicely.
    The business layer (JOnAS) aspects don't work yet, need a rework.
    - There are some additions in ext-libs, so you have to download it again
    or just simple download the whole package.

    - New directory "application" to build all the specification, business
    and presentation together.
    - Directory "classes/Generated Sources" is renamed under
    "src-generated". This has to be done because Eclipse cannot
    go well with "classes/Generated Sources" structure. Thanks
    to Arne Sutor for this (Savus project). EJOSA Template works
    now in Eclipse 3.x. You cannot use Eclipse 2.x because it cannot
    start more than one Ant session.
    - All jonas-start.xml is reworked to use JOnAS classloader.
    Thanks to Ingo Dueppe for this (Savus project).

    Release 1.3.5:

    1)EJOSA Template 1.3.5 Documentation PDF:

    2)EJOSA Template 1.3.5 Complete (with ext-libs)
    There are some updates into 1.3.5 ext-libs, so please re-download
    this ext-libs:

    3)EJOSA Template 1.3.5 without ext-libs:

    4)EJOSA Template 1.3.5 only the ext-libs:

    Please read the documentation to compile all the examples!

    OpenUSS (http://openuss.sourceforge.net) will follow and use this
    EJOSA Template 1.3.5 as its foundation.

    Have a lot of fun!
    Lofi Dewanto.

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  2. EJOSA Template Additional Information[ Go to top ]

    EJOSA Template only uses Ant scripts for "execution" and "build" management, no batch files, no dependency to IDE (but you can use NetBeans or Eclipse 3.x with EJOSA Template). Eclipse 3.x can't be used because it only supports !one! instance of Ant script. EJOSA Templates needs more than one ant scripts to be run at the same time!

    Building the "specification" is the most important part in EJOSA Template (Interface based Development). More about this please read the documentation:

    Have fun!
  3. EJOSA Template 1.3.5 Typo[ Go to top ]

    Eclipse 3.x can't be used because it only supports !one! instance of Ant script

    Sorry, I mean: Eclipse 2.x can't be used because it only supports !one! instance of Ant script.