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    I have just started the SCEA (Sun Certfied Enterprise Architect) certification process. I begining to question it's usefulness because the Step 1 tech. exam was a cake walk. I only got 1 wrong out of 48 questions. Though, it was not an easy exam, it wasn't what I would expect to qualify for Sun's premier J2EE certification. Anyway, what do you folks think about it.


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    Hi Alok, You did great job. I am on my way to prepare the SCEA exam. I appreciate that you will give me some suggestion. Cheers, Edward
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    "Thick headed nuts are usually more sure about themselves".... there is famous saying by a philospher with the meaning contained above, sorry dont recall it now. Go forward and complete all the 3 steps, and it will give me a reason to do so too. I just cleared first level with 42 corrects. Ashwinikumar