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    Hi Java Gurus

    I would like to know is there exists a NEWSGROUP tool that is developed in Java so that we could integrate that tool in our website. If there exist no tool like that, anyone knows how to implement newsgroups using some Java API??

    I would really appreciate a help in this regard. I thank you in advance a lot and lot.

    Best Regards

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  2. Apache James has an NNTP component that you might be able to use. We're also building an NNTP extension for our product Jive Forums ( That might be a good solution depending on what you're looking for.

  3. Other solution is JbossNukes, wjivh is from Jboss, which is na implemnttionof Nukes on PHP. This is a CMS. And Jboss cliams thet their site run using this.
    So have a look at it.

  4. A lot of Open Source discussion forums can be found, but none of them supports NNTP so far, I think... Correct me if I'm wrong ;-)

    Open Source Forums:
    - mvnforum (Servlet only):
    - OpenUSS (EJB only) has its stand-alone forum based on EJB:
    - Nemesis (Servlet only) based on Jive Open Source:
    - LPortal Discussion (EJB + Servlet, Portlet):
    - ... etc.

  5. Thank you[ Go to top ]

    Hi All

    Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions and now I will look into all the links which has been provided by you all and then it will be easy to decide which way to take to implement the forum. However, many thanks for the links with the open source software for implementing forum.

    Thank you all and I will get back to you if there are some more doubts.

    Many thanks