Sims Computing has released Flux 1.1, the Enterprise Job Scheduler. Flux is a Java software component that performs sophisticated job and task scheduling for Java and J2EE applications.

Flux now supports Cron-style Time Expressions. Flux 1.1 features improved Cron compatibiltiy and functionality. Cron is a job scheduler featured in Unix systems. This new functionality allows Flux to schedule jobs in the same way as Unix Cron always has.

For example, scheduling a job to run at 8 am and 5 pm on Mondays and Thursdays is now simpler to do in Flux. Flux scheduling is more fine-grained than Unix Cron and can perform additional date calculations, such as determining the next time February 29th falls on a Tuesday. (The answer is the year 2028).

Optionally, Flux integrates tightly with J2EE applications, including Enterprise JavaBeans and JMS messages.

Flux is application server and database independent. It has been tested against WebLogic, Oracle, DB2, Hypersonic SQL, and Orion Application Server.

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