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    Does someone have any experinaces in Sessin Ejb and Hibernate (instead of cmp entity ejb) configuration.
    Is it possible?
    How does it perform? Drawbacks?

    Regards, Milan

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    I remember reading a blog about it... and with the magic wonders of google here it is...

    not a great deal of detail unfortunetly but maybe you could email him and ask.
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    I have a simple example of doing this with SSB and Hibernate (with JOnAS).

    You can check EJOSA Template:

    Here I have the same Specification API implemented with different kind of Java technology:
    - SSB + CMP EB 1.1
    - SSB + CMP EB 2.0
    - SSB + Hibernate



    We also used this combination in our new project but have not tested the performance yet.

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    Thanx guys.
    I will dive into this.
    I will try JBoss - SessionEjb + Hibernate, and send my results asap.