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    can any body plz tell me what is the difference betwen a query written in ejb-ql and jboss-ql.

    thnks in advance

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    Ejb-ql is compliant with J2EE specs, specifically whatever is in EJB specs is there is available in ejb-ql.
    But with Jboss-Ql you can also do the same thing but Jboss-ql is more advanced and has gone beyond the steps, Example in j2ee-1.3 in yr qeury you can't use 'Order by' clause with jboss-ql you can do that with more advanced features in it.
    Ejb-ql query descriptors are in ejb-jar.xml
    Jboss-ql query descriptors goes in jboss.xml.

    But since these advanced features are supported by Jboss server only, hence results in porting issues of application on other application servers.

    I hope this clarifies some of yr doubts.

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    BTW, this custom variants of EJB-QL is not unique to JBoss. All the major EJB servers do something like this. Both Weblogic and Websphere have custom extensions to EJB-QL that work only in those environments.