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     Since we have a relatively complex/dynamic GUI which cant alone be achieved by HTML/jsp, we have decided to use Applets as our client for the J2EE App.

     On the server we have mainly EJBs accessing a backend database.

    Are there any special things to keep in mind while developing such a J2EE Application , where the presentation tier is an Applet.


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    I you have such complex GUI, why not use webstart ?
    In addition, remember that applets can connect only to server which they came from, so you will have to put the EJB container and the web server on the same machine. Have you considered using web services for this ?

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    I second the webservices idea. You don't want to access EJB's in an applet.
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    I can't use the JavaWebStart, because ppl here are under the impression that it is equvivalent to installing some software on the client. So they want no installation on the clients.

     Secondly, Webservices looks like a great idea,

     however my concern is , how would the performance be, as lots of data has to be sent from the server to the client.
     Any thoughts ?
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    Yes performance is an issue when it comes to web services as standarda re evolving and SUN i sworking on binary encoding and soforth..,
    But in age of Braodbanda and hrdware getting cheaper day by day, u can upgarde yr servers.
    Having said that, i do agree performance is an issue, but for yr scenarion web services is a way to go.
    Also if u want applets u can use that and in case if u need, to access something on clients machine then u will require a signed applet.

    I hope this helps.