for beginner where to learn basic J2EE ?


General J2EE: for beginner where to learn basic J2EE ?

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    hi,i am newbie in J2EE i would like to learn the J2EE, is it the first step i need to learn J2EE before others? or i need to learn other java technologies before learning J2EE? your suggestion is valuable for me to make decision of where can i learn java more effectively. thank you
  2. You will defintely need working knowledge of Java and OOP conecpts, before u start yr journey into this J2EE environment.
    And if u are confident of that then u can start from this link given below, ideal for beginners.
    Although u will still have to understand some concepts of J2EE.
    For that U can go to SUN's site or at IBM developer works (in particular) has some of the best technical atricles and tutorials I have come across.
    Or J2EE Specs avilable from SUN's site are really good.

    (Co-Author of this tutorial)
  3. Hi,

    your tutorial is great but a chapter about the java client is missing.
    Also I would like to know, besides learning about web services, what was the point of building one for MyStore project ?