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    We are 80% through the implementation of a content management app. The persistence layer is CMP 2.0 with stateless session bean, and will run on a WebSphere/DB2 combo.

    After some initial pain, things are going OK from a functional perspective. The content management (i.e. update) part of our app is almost complete.

    We are now ready to do the "read" part of the app, and one suggestion is to use session bean/JDO to access the data, on the basis that it will deliver better performance/scalability, whilst retaining CMP for the "update" part, on the basis that transactional support is better.

    Is this possible? Does is make any sense, or are we better off sticking with one paradigm at a time?

    FWIW, I not toon bothered which is the better framework in isolation - from what I can see each has different strengths/weaknesses and works fine if done right.

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    John Latham
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    CMP works well both for writing and reading. In fact, it is a normal and natural way because CMPs are tailored to scale. IMO introducing another framework in the middle of the project is not such a good idea for two reasons:

    o you lose an ability to reuse already existing CMP code
    o you increase risk by introducing one more variable into the project

    So, I think it makes sense to go on with CMP and put JDO aside.

    Hope this helps.


    Slava Imeshev