Jakarta Announces Cactus 1.5 RC 1


News: Jakarta Announces Cactus 1.5 RC 1

  1. Jakarta Announces Cactus 1.5 RC 1 (2 messages)

    The Cactus project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.5-RC1. Cactus is a unit testing framework for testing server side java code. The main focus for version 1.5-rc1 was on usability. In addition, several new front
    ends for Cactus have been added: Ant integration, Maven integration, Jetty integration, and an experimental Eclipse plugin.

    Main new features

    The following main features have been added since Cactus 1.4.1:

  2. Added support for begin()/end() that are run before and after each test on the client side (mirrors setUp()/tearDown() which are run before and after each test on the server side)
  3. Special Jetty integration to automatically start Jetty when executing a test suite
  4. Added support for Form-based authentication
  5. Added support for i8n
  6. Added new JspTagLifecycle class to help unit test taglibs
  7. Added support for JBoss in Ant integration
  8. Added support for server-side XSLT when running Cactus tests from a browser
  9. New Ant integration (<cactifywar> and <cactus> Ant tasks). Note that version 1.5-rc1 has added support for WebLogic 7.x as compared to version 1.5-beta1.
  10. Added ability to run pure JUnit tests seamlessly on the server side
  11. Lots of other new features. For a full feature list, see http://jakarta.apache.org/cactus/features.html

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